Zigmund Follies

Philippe Genty Company

Stage direction : Philippe Genty

Assistant : Mary Underwood

Cast : Eric De Sarria and Philippe Richard

A storyteller discovers with terror that his left hand has been rummaging through his pockets…his wallet…has been opening his letters…his drawers…He even catches it while it is turning his jacket over.

How it drags him accidentally « INSIDE » after passing through a zip at the risk of his life…The dismal zip !

How during a wild chase between him and his left hand, he meets Félix Nial from the secret police, lost in one of his disguises, and then the right hand from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs.

How he gets lost in a wrong perspective by taking vanishing points to plunge at the bottom of a memory lapse, to the boundaries of the sea of memories.

Is his right hand an accomplice in all this ? Does it try to fool him? Why is it constantly standing on his way? If it tries to fool him, it fits it like a glove! Will our storyteller find a way to get rid of it? Will he be able to catch his left hand? So many mysteries which find their answers in Zigmund Follies.

An odyssey at a hair’s breadth away from a tragedy, on a three-finger rhythm in a fantastic partition performed by 20 fingers, 20 personalities, 20 tempers which are as thick as thieves.

The twists and turns related in Zigmund Follies are authentic, the spotlights only have been changed to shed a new light on this darkstory.

Costume designer : Mary Uunderwood

Stage manager : Sylvain Buc
Production : MCNN – Cultural Center of Nevers and the Nièvre / Philippe Genty company

With the support of the Scène Nationale of  Marne la Vallée, the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the city of Nevers, the General Council of the Nièvre department.