Visual arts - France/Norvège

Forget me not

By Philippe Genty and Mary Underwood

Artistic director : Philippe Genty
Choreographic director : Mary Underwood

Assistant : Eric de Sarria
Assistant intern : Yngvild Aspeli
Music : René Aubry

With the students of the Nord-Trondelag - University College in Verdal : Ánne Mággá Wigelius, Annie Dahr Nygaard, Håvard Paulsen, Morten Anda Berg, Lena Kvitvik, Henrik Hoff Vaagen, Benedikte Karine Sandberg, Sjur Marqvardsen, Maja Bekken, Stine Fevik.

Philippe Genty offered his audience one of his most beautiful shows with Forget me not, which toured all over the world after his creation at the Théâtre de la Ville of Paris in 1992.

This immersion in the odyssey of beings came out of nowhere in the dreamland, is now recreated. Philippe Genty and Mary Underwood have accomplished an intense work of rewriting, following the example of Still Travelers which has been having a resounding success in France and abroad since 2009.

For this occasion, they decided to work with ten students from the prestigious Nord-Trøndelag University College of Verdal, Norway.

Philippe Genty has been an associated artist at the MCNN for eleven years.

You are bound to be spellbound, moved and confused by each of his creations, Forget me not will probably not depart from this rule.

Lighting creation : Philippe Genty, Vincent Renaudineau et Thierry Capéran
Sound designer : Antony Aubert
Lighting designer : Thierry Capéran
Stage manager : Eric Gauthier, Ana Carolina Santos
Voice coach: Haim Isaacs

Designers : Carole Allemand, Yngvild Aspeli, Doriane Ayxandre, Claire Brabant, Sophie Coeffic, Laurent Huet, Alexandra Leseur, Valérie Lesort, Coralie Maniez, Sébastien Puech, Karin Wehner
Designer intern: Priscille Dumanoir
Construction : Vincent Boisserolle ( La Métallerie), Edwige Deygout, Adriana Gomes de Castro, Sylvie Gubinski, Bruno Lagarde, Violaine Lambert, Julie Lardrot, Amélie Loisy, Fabienne Touzi dite Terzi
Costume designers :  Annick Baudelin, Isabelle Boiton (teinture), Victoria Desogos, Tomoe Kobayashi, Anne Ruellan known as Nousch
Tour administrator : Ana Carolina Santos
Monkey’s mask : Martin Rezard

Executive producer : Compagnie Philippe Genty
Co-production : Nord-Trondelag University College, MCNN – Cultural Center of Nevers and the NIèvres, Philippe Genty company

With the support of the Ministry of Culture – Regionale Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the Burgundy region and the city of Nevers.

Special thanks to : Mandalena Helly-Hansen, Flavia Bassu and Anita Moutot (catering), Amador Artiga, Manu Laborde, Claire Costa, Pierrick Malebranche, Vincent Ruz.