Eric Lambla de Sarria, Scott Koehler, Nancy Rusek, Marjorie Currenti, Simon Rann

Obraztsov Theatre

Moscow (Russia) – Master class initiated by the French Institute of Russia (July 2013)

Sensory work with eyes closed and development of solos using everyone's memories of a particular material, using a method developed by Philippe Genty and Mary Underwood.

16 participants / Facilitators: Nicolas Goussef and Eric Lambla de Sarria

Barka Theatre - Budapest / May 2013

Budapest (Hungary) – course "Mémoires en fuite – Cherchez en vous ce paysage intérieur qui..."

This is the passing on of puppetry, acting, and dance movement techniques, for which the students will need to use their whole body.

But this transfer would be nothing if it was not based on what each participant personally brings to the course. This input is fed by what each participant feels by touching, playing with and exploring a material.

This experience finds echo in their memories - awakening them - and traces of the past blend with the present... But these memories are constantly trying to escape, and we must catch them, to try and face them and write their history - our own history - on stage,....

Each participant's personal memories are discussed and will allow them to become aware of the poetry of memories through the manipulation of materials, objects and/or puppets.  

16 participants / Facilitators: Nancy Rusek and Eric Lambla de Sarria

  • Les Hivernales (Atelier de l’Orage): Awareness raising in schools in combination with the performances of La Pelle du Large (January – February)
  • Theatre de Suresnes: Workshop on the manipulation of materials and puppets (February)
  • Hogskolen I Nord Trondelag (Norway): Movement and manipulation of materials; introduction to object theatre and puppets (March)
  • Atelier Carolyn Carlson: Initiation to contemporary dance aimed at children
  • DCA La Chaufferie: Course certified by AFDAS – "Le double dans tous ses états"
  • Theatre Obraztsov: Moscow (Russia) – Master class initiated by The French Institute of Russia
  • CNAC – "La création magique"